EHRET company policy


As the European market leader for aluminium shutters, we set standards across the industry. We wish to retain and expand our market leadership and thus safeguard our jobs in the long term.

In order to meet these high requirements, we operate an integrated management system (IMS) in accordance with the following standards: ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), which is supplemented by ISO 50001 (energy) in 2016.

The IMS is applied throughout the entire company, and is supplemented and refined by our mission statement and our management principles.

The goal of the IMS is a continuous improvement with regard to performance relating to quality, the environment, occupational health & safety protection, and energy. To this end, we provide all the required information and resources. Within the scope of the IMS, we set ourselves hierarchically structured and coordinated goals, and we define measures and monitor target achievement using key performance indicators in order to reach these goals.

The IMS scheme ensures that we are in the know regarding changes to legal requirements, so that we can guarantee and achieve compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

We aim

to satisfy our customers

Our employees

are the foundation of our success

Our employees and their qualifications are an important foundation for our success, which is why we challenge and support each individual according to their capabilities.

We know our customers and we want them to be satisfied. We are able to meet their needs and expectations thanks to the high quality of our products and services, as well as the timely delivery of orders. In order to achieve the 0-error goal and to ensure the stipulated quality, we have created our own quality organisation, which in particular looks after interfaces between customers, EHRET and the production divisions.

Occupational health

is our top priority

Environmental protection and energy efficiency

thanks to state-of-the-art technologies

Sustainable production

At EHRET, we have always treated our resources responsibly; we have always observed or even exceeded the statutory requirements that seek to protect the environment. The further development of the environmental management system and the associated certification according to ISO 14001 highlights the company's commitment to the environment.

It undertakes to make available the means and structures required to manufacture and market ecologically sound products and systems in the most environmentally friendly way possible. In addition, utilisation and disposal should not have an adverse effect on the environment.

Aluminium recycling

Aluminium waste is a valuable raw material. For this reason, EHRET feeds both coated and uncoated remains into a recycling process. There are two particular reasons why aluminium is such a valuable recyclable material.

For one, it can be recycled at a low cost of energy. Only 5% of the energy required to produce primary aluminium is needed to recycle aluminium.

Secondly, the molten scrap can be used again and again without any loss of value or quality. During the recovery of the material, not only are there ecological advantages to be had, but also economical benefits. For aluminium is used and not consumed.

Pre-treatment and powder coating

Powder coating is one of the most eco-friendly and modern painting systems currently around. The powder coating is free of heavy-metal pigments and therefore solvent free. Furthermore, EHRET's technique is extremely efficient with regard to resources. Our very efficient powder-recovery process can achieve a utilisation level of up to 98%.

The chromate-free pre-treatment not only improves the environmental credentials and occupational safety by a significant margin, it also meets the high quality requirements for the paint adhesion and corrosion resistance of powder-coated materials. This technology does not require certification and no heavy metals arise as part of the process. At the same time, system operators benefit from improved occupational safety.

Waste water recycling

Water used for rinsing is a product of pre-treating aluminium parts. EHRET relies on ecological waste water treatment to clean this water.

With the help of membrane technology, which is based on the principle of reverse osmosis, 80% of the water used for rinsing can be recovered and purified. Economically valuable – ecologically sound.

Solar electricity

EHRET is committed to sustainability: On the roof of our company headquarters we have installed 1400 m² of solar panels which generate 100 kWp of electricity.

Our endeavours to work economically with efficient and transparent processes involve the careful and sustainable use of environmental and energy resources. In order to achieve the goal of long-term optimisation, aspects of environmental protection, unnecessary environmental pollution and sustainable targeted use of resources are taken into consideration in as early as the strategic planning and development phases.

With regard to improved environmental performance, increasing our energy efficiency is a top priority and a superordinate energy goal.

We use state-of-the-art measuring techniques and technology in order to monitor our key energy performance indicators. The measuring system continuously delivers data which is regularly analysed and forms the basis for defining prioritised measures.

The procurement of energy-efficient products and services is given priority. It is therefore not only the acquisition costs which are considered during purchasing, but also the subsequent costs brought on by energy consumption during usage.