Easy to care for

economical and durable

As the powder coating on aluminium profiles never chalks or becomes brittle, there is no need for them to be dismantled at regular intervals for renovation and painting.

Occasional cleaning is not really essential and any dirt that adheres loosely is easily washed off with water.

Because they last for such a long time and can be recycled when they finally come to the end of their lives, EHRET shutters are a valuable and sustainable investment.

Aluminium can be recycled any number of times in an environmentally friendly process. Our innovative in-house developments and extensive, certified quality standards are your guarantee of consistent excellence in materials, workmanship, safety and durability.

Coating techniques

pre-treatment and maximum protection

The pre-treatment and powder-coating technique effectively protect the shutters against weathering and scratches. Because it complies with QUALICOAT and QUALIDECO guidelines, EHRET can guarantee maximum coverage and long-lasting fade resistance. Because there is no need for repainting, this spares the owner a lot of work.

Outstanding properties:

  • Durable without the need to repaint
  • Resistant to dirt and simple to clean
  • Extremely weather-resistant
  • The impact-proof surface is scratch-resistant and maintenance-free


QUALICOAT is a quality label organisation committed to maintaining and promoting a uniform guaranteed quality standard for the painting and coating of aluminium and its alloys for architectural applications.

The comprehensive requirements and compliance are monitored regularly.

Further information about QUALICOAT.


QUALIDECO is a quality label defining and regulating decorative finishes on coated aluminium, such as the wooden effect here. It covers a broad spectrum including the transfer of printing films to powder-coated base material using suitable technology.

Further information about QUALIDECO.

Ocean Line plus –

extra protection against filiform corrosion