Electric folding sliding shutters

Simple and convenient to operate

The electric drive enables the folding/sliding shutters to be operated very conveniently and reliably without needing to open the windows or doors in the process. The drive motor controller ensures that the electric folding sliding shutter is activated and stopped gently.

This new development also enables you to benefit from the ability to close and open the shutters fully automatically at the touch of a button or – even more conveniently – by remote control. It can also be integrated into modern building control systems.

IFT - Wind load tested

IFT - Dynamic wind load

Unique mechanics

of the electric folding sliding shutters


Intensive development work has resulted in an ingenious mechanism which allows the electric folding sliding shutter to be fully closed. And the installation size is minimal - whether the shutters are open or closed. Light entering the room can therefore be reduced to the minimum.