Window shutters in grey

Elegant selection of colours

Grey window shutters are anything other than boring. Particularly when combined with a white or cream-coloured façade, they have an elegant and tasteful look. The house gains visual appeal and the façade is brightened up.

Grey sliding shutters underscore the clean, minimalist character of houses with a modern, linear architectural style. Window shutters in grey are timeless and are sure to bring you years of joy.

But grey shutters are more than just attractive. Their aluminium construction and high-quality powder coating make them colour-stable, weatherproof, easy to maintain, and durable. Regular re-painting is not necessary.

Blue window shutters

From ultramarine to pigeon blue

Blue doesn't just mean blue – if you’re ready for colourful window shutters, there are plenty to choose from. The same applies to blue window shutters: What really counts is your personal taste.

Blue shutters can have a variety of effects, from classical to modern, depending on whether you choose folding, sliding, or folding sliding shutters. So don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild when choosing the colour of your shutters.

Our shutters let you bring your ideas to life in a visually pleasing and cost-effective way. Aluminium shutters offer numerous custom design options. In addition, their special powder-coating process gives them long-term protection against the elements and scratches. 

Design possibilities

Colour selection