Window shutter accessories

Practical and attractive

Window shutter fittings are essential for ensuring that window shutters rotate open and shut properly. Additionally, closures and shutter holders ensure the window shutter is secured when open and closed. 

Top-quality workmanship ensures that our window shutter fittings are durable and low-maintenance. Installation is easy! EHRET window shutter fittings can be installed on site or pre-installed at our factory. 

Our fittings are available in all RAL colours upon request.

Pull handle for added convenience 


All EHRET window shutters can be fitted with a stylish pull handle. The ring-shaped handle offers even greater handling comfort and enables an easy opening and closing of the shutters. 

Window shutter catches


Catches are useful holding devices for securing your shutters when open or closed. The window shutter engages automatically and remains firmly anchored in the holding device. To release the shutter again, the lever must be operated manually.

Certified protection against burglary 

Resistance class RC2


Various security elements reduce the chance of break-ins and make it extremely difficult for the window shutters to be unhinged or broken open. 

Protection against intruders