The advantages of insulating window shutters

The advantages of insulating window shutters
27.02.2017 — Blog

In winter, we would like to have a warm house to come home to. In summer, we like cool rooms and fresh air. Insulating window shutters from EHRET enable intelligent, effective heat insulation in every season.

With these window shutters, you protect the environment and even save money while doing so.

Save energy

Reduce costs

In times of steadily increasing energy costs, it becomes ever more important to use the energy consumed in an efficient manner. Insulating window shutters from EHRET provide you with the best possible energy efficiency.

The lowered energy consumption not only saves money but is also good for the environment.

Model variety in practically any desired colour

Even with our insulating window shutters, there is no need to compromise on high quality and a wide variety of coatings. Thanks to the variety of insulating window shutters, you can select your favourites from the different versions available.

Whether you choose a classic Alpine design with wide bars, a Mediterranean style with a modern slats design or a puristic-modest option:

Our different insulating models: ISO, TIZO and TSW provide you with complete freedom in terms of style. With more than 4000 colours and finishes, we can further address all of your design preferences.

The independent research institute ift-Rosenheim confirms the heat-insulating effect of the insulating EHRET window shutters. You can view the certificates from ift-Rosenheim here.

Are you interested in insulating window shutters from EHRET? If so, contact us to receive advice from our specialists.