Choosing the right colour: an overview

Vier Farben - vier Wirkungen
13.06.2018 — Blog

It's all about choosing the right colour. And what applies to walls and interior design is also completely relevant to window shutters. Due to their prominent position on the house façade, they have a crucial impact on the unique character of a home. This is why it is even more important to carefully select the colour of the window shutters. Because the fact of the matter is that aesthetics is by no means the only factor that needs to be taken into consideration.

Colour psychology

While red is considered stimulating and passionate, blue is supposed to have a calming effect and help us to relax. And touches of orange in the kitchen are not only conducive to optimism and vitality, but this colour is also purported to have a positive impact on digestion.

Each colour has its own significance – even for our feelings. For you, this means that the colour of your window shutters plays an important role in determining the impression that your home conveys to the outside world. How can you influence this?

Colours create structure

Let there be light!

Nevertheless, colour is not always the same. Colour also depends on light exposure. Colours such as brown, grey or white always look the same, regardless of whether they are in light or shadow. However, other colours such as yellow are only beautiful and clear when in light.

In a dark room, they look dull and dirty. While a very vibrant blue requires shadow for it to be able to develop its full colour. Light exposure therefore also needs to be considered in some situations.

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