EHRET invests in new packaging system

EHRET investiert in neue Verpackungsanlage
08.02.2017 — Company news

EHRET continues to be on course for growth. With an investment in an additional decorative coating machine in the company's Ettenheim location last year, the shutter specialist has already increased capacities and laid the groundwork for further growth. With production already undergoing continuous strengthening and expansion, EHRET now also invests in packaging.

More safety

and comfort


Since the beginning of the year, EHRET has been using an innovative continuous cardboard packaging machine in order to further increase handling efficiencies in packaging and to simultaneously improve the protection of EHRET's high-quality shutters during transportation. The new system permits optimised packaging solutions for EHRET quality shutters. The sashes are packaged inside a box (preferably with a bottom and a lid) and strapped.

This means optimal protection from damage along the entire delivery chain – from order picking in the shipping department through to delivery to the customer. In addition, the new packaging solutions are easier to handle and also easier to open at the construction site.

Greater efficiency

and optimised workflows

Improved working conditions

Another benefit of the packaging system is the improvement in working conditions for employees. Good working conditions and health and safety at work are top priorities for EHRET. As highlighted by the OHSAS 18001 certification (occupational health and safety), the company already fulfils highest requirements in terms of health and safety at work.

But with the new packaging system, EHRET exceeds its own requirements and optimises working conditions even further. “Our work processes are now much more ergonomic. By eliminating manual tasks such as cutting and taping, packaging has become significantly less strenuous”, explains Schopferer. “We now only have a single packaging area near the shipping area.”