An ensemble with oriental flair

22.04.2024 — News

How do you build new flats in a small community with 3,900 inhabitants and where there are detached houses? By integrating them into four apartment blocks, building them in width rather than height and grouping them into a hamlet.

The Wechselächer project in Unterengstringen, in the Zurich region of Switzerland, has created 27 beautiful and spacious rental flats. Each of them has either a roof terrace, a loggia on the upper floor or a garden seating area.

To protect against prying eyes as well as wind and sun, Walter Maio, Head of Architecture and Building Realisation at Profil-Immobilien AG, chose aluminium sliding shutters from EHRET for the first time.

The elegant sliding shutters are not only movable and easily adjustable, but also offer a wonderful shade with an oriental touch depending on the sunlight thanks to the special perforated pattern that was specially created for this purpose. Walter Maio was inspired by Far Eastern atrium houses, which have rooms open to the sky. Maio is completely convinced by the appearance and ease of use and will certainly use sliding shutters again for future projects.

Aluminium sliding shutters are an essential part of today's modern architecture and are the perfect solution for new buildings with large window areas. They define a large part of the façade and thus become the dominant design element.

Aesthetics, functionality, variety of shapes and colours, convenient handling, easy care and almost no maintenance - all this speaks for the sliding shutters from EHRET, which are also ideal for balconies, pergolas and loggias. Whether closed model, with movable or fixed slats, with textile covering - there is always an ideal sliding shutter to be found.

The extensive choice of colours also leaves nothing to be desired. Whether antique finish, wood decor, matt or semi-gloss surface - here, too, it is easy to be convinced. In addition, the powder-coated surfaces are impact and scratch-resistant, which guarantees long-term colour fastness and makes repainting unnecessary. And for extreme conditions and additional protection against filiform corrosion, the sliding shutters can be specially pre-treated with Ocean Line plus.