Protecting your home: Anti-intruder shutters

Protecting your home: Anti-intruder shutters
09.03.2016 — Blog

Security shutters from EHRET offer reliable protection to safeguard your windows against intruders. The number of domestic burglaries has been steadily increasing for a number of years. Common points of entry for intruders are readily accessible windows as well as terrace, balcony or apartment doors. What’s more, criminals don’t just strike during holiday periods.

In particular, break-ins are much more likely to occur when the days start getting shorter and darkness begins to fall as early as the afternoon. But there’s a solution to put our minds at rest: most break-ins can be prevented by implementing practical measures and installing modern security technology.

Anti-intruder windows,

doors and shutters

It makes little difference whether a property is a house or a rented apartment – burglars aren’t choosy! To make life harder for them, you should invest in modern security technology. Before you know it, conventional windows and doors without special security features can be forced open by intruders in less than 15 seconds. For this reason, protection against intruders is best taken into account during the construction phase of a new home – by incorporating anti-intruder windows, doors or shutters, for example.

Nevertheless, existing properties can also be retrofitted with security technology. A lock with a protected profile cylinder is suitable for house doors, while a second lock featuring a blocking clip affords additional security. Mushroom-pin fittings and lockable handles are also ideal for windows. Most of all, however, it makes sense to install anti-intruder window shutters. EHRET offers products and solutions of every kind for you to choose from.

Measures to enhance security against break-ins


If you decide to invest in EHRET window shutters featuring a closed insert, you are benefiting from the number-one choice in enhanced security. The insert – available in smooth or slatted versions – has an impact on the security of the shutters. Aluminium window shutters with closed inserts (closed models) therefore afford intruders hardly any opportunity for breaking in.


Fittings and other options for added security


Various security elements further enhance anti-intruder protection because they ensure that window shutters cannot be broken open or unhinged without additional effort. The security catches and locking ring for the express hinge provide protection against unhinging – regardless of whether the sash is hung in the reveal or not.

In addition, Burg rods and rod locks installed on the interior of the window shutter offer yet more protection against intruders. The effective additional locking mechanisms can be operated easily once the window shutters have been closed.


EHRET security models with resistance class RC2


EHRET anti-intruder protection is DIN-tested. The specially developed security frame has been designed to match EHRET window shutters perfectly and offers extra security as well as a level of protection that meets the criteria of resistance class RC2. The frame, which is welded on all four sides, and the TSW-S and TIZO-S reinforced window shutters have been tested in accordance with EN 1627 by the ift Rosenheim testing institute and have RC2 certification. Plus, easy installation is guaranteed as the security frame is delivered completely preinstalled with the required model.

Additional tips

to deter unwanted guests

Whatever measures you take, remember that solutions for securing and retrofitting doors, windows and shutters should be coordinated with one another in a way that makes sense. Ideally, get in touch with the specialists at EHRET for advice. Contact us for more information on anti-intruder window shutters.

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