Residential and commercial building in Munich

Residential and commercial building in Munich
20.08.2015 — Building examples

Façade shaped by modern EHRET folding sliding shutters. EHRET shutters come in a wide range of designs. They are highly functional and attractive at the same time. They offer protection from noise, the weather and sun and are a key defining feature on the façade of a building. This is certainly the case at the residential and commercial building on Munich's Arnulfstrasse.

Planning concept

apartment building

The ground floor of the apartment building built in 2012/2013 in the west of Munich accommodates a bank branch and a small retail outlet. Rented apartments and an office unit can be found on the upper floors. The building is close to the Hirschgarten and Nymphenburg Schlosspark. The Arnulfstrasse road on which the building is located is very busy. The planning concept is shaped primarily by the location of the property.

Acting as a buffer to adverse environmental impacts, it is mainly side rooms and the stairwell which are sited on the side next to the busy Arnulfstrasse. On the southern, quieter side the apartments have large glass windows and doors and stepped terraces. The 4-storey angled structure keeps traffic emissions away from the living quarters at the rear through its graduated height. Light flows from the south into the living spaces, making them bright and welcoming.

Façade design

durable and sustainable


folding sliding shutters

The EHRET folding sliding shutters require very little space to open and close. Smooth-running, ball-mounted rollers run in the slide rails with virtually no noise. The folding sliding shutters can be opened to their full width. Numerous models are available with fixed slats, totally closed surfaces or special fills. There is virtually no limit on the creative design options of the façade.

The folding sliding shutters on Arnulfstrasse were bonded with cladding made from fibre cement. They are made from the same material as the façade and thereby ensure a dynamic, yet harmonious look. The three-dimensional look of the façade changes all the time depending on whether the shutters are open or closed.

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