Residential complex of Salmenpark

Überbauung Salmenpark - EHRET Objektbeispiel
05.01.2017 — Building examples

After approximately three years of construction, Salmenpark, located on the site of the former Salmenbräu brewery in Rheinfelden (Switzerland), has successfully managed to link modern and historic architecture. Characteristic elements of the historic brewery such as the malt silo, lodge and seawall were maintained and have been incorporated into the overall architecture.

The newly erected buildings combine aesthetic, functional and environmental standards. EHRET sliding shutters have also been used here, representing a characteristic feature of the façade.

Modern complex

with the Minergie standard

Between 2013 and 2016, almost 150 apartments, as well as a senior residence and care centre, were built on the site. Added to this were commercial premises for offices and retail. Before the first sod was even turned, major interest was shown in the new residential units at Salmenpark thanks to the modern concept from creative thinkers atelier ww, who took a modern, light-filled approach to combining home and living. The entire complex was built in accordance with the Minergie standard. Originally intended for wellness, existing caverns are now used for energy storage. Together with the waste heat from the Feldschlösschen brewery, the entire site is supplied with clean energy.

A residential area

for all generations

Clear lines and EHRET sliding shutters

for the façades

Four further residential buildings

are planned

Before the first construction phase had even finished in 2016, plans were being made for an expansion of the complex on the Salmenpark site. As laid out in the design plan, four further buildings with around 100 additional apartments are intended. Contrary to the original planning, this expansion will solely involve residential premises, even though further commercial premises would be possible. Keys to the new apartments should be handed over by 2020.

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