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Studierenden-Wohnanlage in Neu-Ulm - EHRET
02.08.2016 — Building examples

EHRET sliding shutters in various shades of green were installed as sun protection and screens in the new student housing complex in the North Wiley district of Neu-Ulm, Germany. They have a significant impact on the appearance of the entire housing complex and create a diverse look. Read on to find out more about the project.

The number of students registered at the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences has been rising for years. In response to this development, the Augsburg student services organisation – which is responsible for students in Neu-Ulm – built the new complex on Heinz-Rühmann-Strasse. It comprises 151 housing units, of which 116 are one-bedroom apartments and the rest is a variety of shared accommodation.

The 2015 winter semester saw the first group of students move into the newly built complex, where they were able to concentrate fully on their studies in a bright and friendly living environment. The modern, five-storey building was designed by the architecture firm BLK2 Böge Lindner K2 Architekten from Hamburg. A strong focus was placed on energy efficiency during construction. The design also factored in the particular needs of students, with the concurrence of communication and concentration as a central theme.

The complex

is distinguished by its modern design and high level of comfort

The student housing complex in Neu-Ulm is one of the first components of the new district, North Wiley, which will continue to grow in the years to come. Just a short walk away from HNU (Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences), the housing complex offers not only affordable accommodation for students, but also high levels of comfort.

The apartments have a bright and friendly feel. Daylight floods the interior via large window façades and modern sun protection.

Cost-effectiveness and functionality

combined with a modern, cosy atmosphere

EHRET sliding shutters

in nuanced greens

The housing units in the student housing complex have large window façades featuring EHRET Sliding shutters. They serve as glare protection and screens for the residents and can be fully adjusted according to their needs. Thanks to the sliding shutters, the appearance of the façade is constantly changing. The character of the building alters depending on how far open or closed they are.

The PL-LO model was installed in the new complex. The sliding shutter features an impressive, durable powder coating. It is available in several colours and designs. Standardised colour systems (RAL, NCS, VSR) allow the shutters to be colour-matched perfectly to other elements of the façade. The constructors of the student housing complex in Neu-Ulm chose light shades of green which conjure up a varied interaction of hues on the façade depending on the arrangement.

Individual solutions are playing an ever greater role in modern architecture. With EHRET shutters, many ideas and concepts can be implemented in an economical and visually appealing manner, since the product range is constantly being developed and adjusted based on the needs of modern constructors.

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