Sun protection: Shutters, fabric blinds or slatted blinds

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27.07.2016 — Blog

How can I best protect my home from sunlight? Everyone dreams of a home flooded with light and individual rooms basking in daylight. Right from the planning stage for a new building, the optimal room layout is determined by the sun so that as much warmth and light as possible enters the rooms, especially during the cold season.

Modern materials and innovative glass composites ensure that an extensive view into the open is sustainable from an energy perspective and that a comfortable indoor climate is created. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows are the current trend, and warm sunlight bathes the rooms in a homely atmosphere, even in winter. Nevertheless, during the summer months, the sun can make rooms stiflingly hot in the middle of the day. Effective sun protection is needed to reliably prevent this from happening and to meet diverse requirements. Protection against strong sunlight should be easy to care for, durable and also fit in with the appearance of the house. Along with simple blinds and classic slatted blinds, aluminium window and sliding shutters provide a modern sun-protection alternative that meets both technical as well as optical requirements in full.

Fabric blinds, slatted blinds or shutters made of aluminium?

Fabric blinds are often the first choice for terraces and balconies when looking to protect the rooms from the direct midday heat. They are easy to install, relatively inexpensive and available in many widths and colours. Motorised versions can even be operated with a control. One disadvantage, however, is that the fabric covering is only partially weather-resistant and a heavy downpour can cause significant damage.

Slatted blinds are well suited to the large window façades found in modern buildings and offer protection against excessive heat without dramatically reducing the amount of light entering the room. Different settings also offer the advantage of being able to control how much light shines into the room. Depending on how far the slatted blinds are rolled down and how the slats are arranged, the amount of light entering a building can be increased or decreased.

But everything that slatted blinds are capable of can also be achieved with window and sliding shutters. A modern shutter made of aluminium provides a real alternative to fabric and slatted blinds, as technical innovations and original ideas offer many advantages. Shutters are not only a visual highlight. They also offer protection from direct sunlight and support the regulation of the indoor climate under a whole host of weather conditions. Shutters are also offer a major advantage over other solutions in terms of their appearance: whether they are opened or closed, you can always see them.


Insulating window shutters regulate the room temperature

Acoustic insulation shutters for added comfort

When appearance and style play a part

Modern slatted blinds fit perfectly into many new builds with large window façades. The colour and size of blinds can also be adapted to perfectly suit the house façade or the terrace and garden design. But the durability and maintenance of these sun-protection variants depends on the weather. By contrast, EHRET aluminium shutters are especially easy to maintain and offer ideal sun protection. What is more, they boast advantages in terms of energy and a whole host of design options. They are a real eye-catcher on any façade and complete the look of a building.

The window shutters from EHRET are not only available in more than 4000 colours and finishes, but also have surfaces that are easy to maintain and durable, and that will look like new for decades. A special coating allows water to drip off the shutter, washing away particles of dirt from the surface and meaning that it does not need to be cleaned as often. There is a choice of window shutters, sliding shutters and folding sliding shutters, all of which can be adapted to any window size. They provide excellent sun protection. With a motorised control and an elegant appearance, they more than satisfy the highest demands for comfort.

Would you like to learn more about the sun and weather protection options that EHRET aluminium shutters can offer you? Then get in touch.

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