Accentuate the style of your house with EHRET window shutters

Mit EHRET Fensterläden den Stil eines Hauses unterstreichen
10.01.2017 — Blog

Do you want to give your house an individual look? Are you looking for a real highlight for the façade design? Give your building a distinctive character with EHRET window shutters!

At EHRET, you will find modern sliding shutters with a puristic design, aluminium shutters in a classic look, as well as practical folding sliding shutters for any window size. Modern, linear, traditional or Mediterranean? No matter which style you choose, EHRET has the right choice for everyone. The window shutters meet the highest design and functionality requirements. In addition, they are also durable and easy to maintain.

They are available with fixed or movable slats, as a closed version or with special fillings such as expanded metal, fabric, perforated sheet metal and other materials. In addition, there are about 4000 colours and various wood and metal finishes to choose from. There is virtually no limit to the creative design options for the façade. With EHRET window shutters you can create visual highlights which match the architecture of your home.

Puristic: EHRET sliding shutters

in an elegant design

Modern buildings often have large window façades with a simple design. In such cases, EHRET sliding shutters form the dominant design element which provides variety and beautiful contrasts, or accentuates the straightforward design. The sliding shutters can be used in a variety of ways, for example as multi-sash versions on one side or divided between the left and right sides of the window. Depending on how the sashes are moved, the sliding shutters change the appearance of a building and provide a varied look. Our new development of GLIT sliding shutters without visible guides is a real innovation for façade design. It accentuates the elegant, straightforward appearance of modern buildings. With the GLIT model, the guide elements are concealed from view regardless of whether the shutters are open or closed. This makes it look as though the sliding shutters are a floating part of the façade. The sliding shutters combine best-quality aesthetics and functionality. In 2015, the GLIT model was awarded the Innovation Prize and the special prize for design at the “R+T 2015”, the world’s leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems.

Traditional and contemporary: EHRET aluminium window shutters

in many different colours or with a wood look

If you prefer a traditional design, then be sure to choose EHRET aluminium shutters. They combine a classic appearance with innovative technology so you don't have to sacrifice convenience. Thanks to their traditional look, these window shutters fit harmoniously into every ambience. They also go with any architectural style – from classic to modern. The window shutters are available in countless colours. They can also be finished in a deceptively real wood look, so that they can hardly be distinguished from real wood shutters. No matter what colour or decorative finish you choose, the wide range offers plenty of scope for individual design opportunities. Window shutters in various colours or in a wood look accentuate the façades of buildings that have a classical style and, at the same time, are a perfect stylistic element in modern architecture. The wood finish offers a warm contrast to rather cool-looking, stripped-down buildings. With various different colour nuances, traditional window shutters form a harmonious unit with cubist-style buildings. The window shutters with fixed or movable slats, or as closed models, create a tasteful appearance that can be customised individually.


EHRET folding sliding shutters

Folding sliding shutters, like conventional window shutters, can accentuate the Mediterranean style of a house. They are highly functional and have a beautiful look at the same time. Compact, effective and sophisticated: folding sliding shutters can be opened and closed like a concertina. The rollers, which are mounted on ball bearings, glide smoothly and almost silently along the rails. Since folding sliding shutters can be opened over the entire width of the doors and windows, they provide completely new options for façade design. Special fillings such as expanded metal or Siberian larch also enable a variable look, which can be adapted completely to match the desired façade. Creative constructors therefore have access to exclusive possibilities which will definitely turn any building into a real eye-catcher.

All EHRET window shutters can be requested with motorisation. What do you do if you want the first rays of sunlight to brighten the rooms in the morning, but you're worried that the midday heat will make the rooms too hot if the shutters are not closed in time and your family only gets home in the evening? Window shutters with motorisation are the ideal solution for these situations, because they can be operated simply thanks to intelligent control via tablets, smartphones or your PC, or can be directly integrated into the building control system. The modern technology allows EHRET window shutters to be controlled individually or in groups.

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