What makes a classic

Objekt Schaffhausen
11.04.2018 — Blog

Sooner or later, it'll come knocking on every front door – the voice calling for a house renovation. The window-shutter question will follow just a few moments later, as the wooden weather-worn shutters demand a decision to be taken. Is a repainting job on the cards? Or should the old wooden shutters be replaced by modern aluminium shutters? There is only one answer here: aluminium shutters are not only the right choice, they are also the new classic. We'll reveal why this is.

Functionality and sustainability are particularly sought after in today's world. Aesthetics on its own does not suffice. This is why aluminium shutters play such a central role: they offer all the aesthetic advantages of the wooden classic without any of the disadvantages.

Aluminium window shutters are everything that wooden window shutters are. Starting with the slats and the shutter catches in their various shapes and colours – right up to the individual straps and hinges: the possibilities are endless. Even the aesthetics of wooden shutters is easy to imitate with a wood finish that looks deceptively real.

The large selection of colours is also another crucial advantage. The EHRET window shutters are not only available in an impressive range of colours, but, in contrast to wooden shutters, the end result is also even and colour-fast. The powder coating method not only ensures that repainting is no longer necessary, there is also no leftover paint, which often cannot be reused in the painting industry. Say hello to sustainability!

There are so many reasons to choose window shutters from EHRET. Their quality and design options are impressive, and they also meet today's requirements for sustainability and durability. Just what makes a classic, in fact.